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【食記】3★ – 會想再去/Healer Bar 治癒酒吧

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【食記】4★ – 一定會去/A Train系列 – D Town by A Train

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【食記】5★ – 神店必去/OriginBar系列 – OriginBar 源

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【食記】4★ – 一定會去/A Train系列 – C Park by A Train

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【食記】4★ – 一定會去/A Train系列 – B Line by A Train

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【食記】4★ – 一定會去/A Train系列 – A Train Leads the way to Jazz

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【食記】2★ – 沒事不去/Chord CafexBistro 和弦咖啡酒食館

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【食記】5★ – 神店必去/Placebo Taipei 安慰劑

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【食遊】3★ – 會想再去/台南市區,臺南市美術館二館 – Lumiere 美‧食光餐酒館

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【食記】5★ – 神店必去/Bar Mood Taipei 吧沐

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【食記】3★ – 會想再去/FullHouse 福昊室

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【食記】3★ – 會想再去/Alley 181